The Value of Play

Play is an activity where children show their remarkable ability for exploration, imagination and decision making.

There are many benefits of play.  One of the greatest benefits is to assist with the development of social competence. Children can build relationships, learn to resolve conflicts, negotiate and regulate their behaviours. In play, children usually have increased feelings of success and optimism as they act as their own agents and make their own choices.

Personally, and as a parent, I have a fundamental belief in the value of ‘play’. In recent years there has been much talk endorsing the value of play, more so since the emersion of increasing amounts electronic gadgets that are being targeted towards younger children. I acknowledge that the gadgets have a place in our young children’s lives now days. However in terms of development in the areas of socialisation, creativity and gross motor skills, nothing beats PLAY. Structured play, or open ended, non structured play…..all play is great, and all leads to a happier, healthier child.